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Special Info and FAQ's for Wayne's Clients

What happens now?

What’s happened to Wayne?

If you’ve been in to see Wayne in recent years, you may have heard him comment on or you yourself have privately been musing over what would happen if he should retire or pass on. He didn’t want either of things to happen without having made arrangements for his many clients and their families to have a place to go. So, he’s not formally retired, but is not working as actively on cases and clients. In fact, he and his wife are in France for a sabbatical from work to do missionary and service work for their Church!

Who’s my attorney now?

The cute answer is that your attorney is always the attorney that you chose. It’s one of the most basic and fundamental ethical rules that the client chooses the attorney and not the other way around. Technically, once Wayne prepared your plan or assisted you in whatever matter he did, the attorney-client relationship terminated. We all know, of course, that Wayne has long been here when needed, and that he’s considered his clients as such until he just stops hearing from them. It is important to Wayne that you know that your file, your case history, and all of his records are retained by the firm so that Chris and the staff will be able to jump right in and assist you.

Do I have to start over?

No! Your plan is still good. Wayne worked hard to provide you with quality, thought-out legal solutions and documents, but they are not proprietary to him or written in a way that only he can assist you. He worked hard to find an attorney partner who has similar views, habits, and philosophies, so that you can feel comfortable with Chris’s ongoing recommendations moving forward.