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Pre-Appointment Forms for Download

We’ve provided downloadable versions of our forms for you to use. Please fill them out as completely as possible. Don’t worry. We know that there aren’t many individuals and families who need all of the spaces provided. Bear with us as we’ve tried to be as general as possible.

Confidential Estate Plan Questionnaire

Please fill this out before our initial consultation to discuss your estate planning needs. Without this information, we will not be able to make a recommendation that is specific to you. It greatly facilitates the meeting when you have thought this out ahead of time. We keep it strictly confidential and store it in a way that keeps your private information safe.

Post-death questionnaire

Use this form to begin to get organized before our initial consult to discuss how to administer the estate or trust of a deceased person. If you do not yet have access to the complete information, don’t worry. This will help us keep track of what we know and what we still need to figure out. If we did the plan for your loved one, perhaps we can help provide the information we had last. Contact us for specifics.

other matters

Use this form for other inquiries or if you are a long time client of ours and it’s been some time since we’ve seen you. We use this to update our contact information.