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Special Info and FAQs for Chris's Clients

If you’ve worked with Chris in the past….

Can I still work with Chris?

If you’ve worked with Chris in the past at any of his previous stops, you are more than welcome to continue to work with Chris or not. Chris would love to continue to assist you with updating the plan you already have in place, new work, or whatever else you may need.

If you would prefer to work with another attorney, you are always welcome to do so, though we would appreciate the chance to make our pitch!

Is Chris still involved in the same specialty?

Absolutely yes! Chris merely wanted the opportunity to be more involved in each aspect of the practice. Now that he and Wayne are working together, Chris is even better positioned to handle the various matters that sometimes come up in the areas of estate planning, elder law, and their cousins. If anything, Chris is now better positioned than he was to provide a more hands-on approach as his schedule no longer has him running all over the front range.

Does Chris have my file?

It was not always convenient or appropriate for Chris to retain personal copies of your plan separate from his previous employers. Contact us first, but it may end up being useful for you to request that your file be transferred to him. He remains on good terms with all of his previous mentors, and they have all expressed a desire to be supportive.